What are your capabilities?

  • CNC lathes with live tooling — turning capacity 1.75" to 16" diameter, lengths to 24"
  • Vertical machining centers — 20" cube capacity
  • Horizontal machining centers — 30" cube capacity
  • Assembly and testing of sub-assemblies and cylinders
  • Spline rolling, broaching, kitting, just-in-time programs, Kanban systems
  • Material sourcing for steel bars, castings and forgings
  • Contracted services available: heat treating, grinding, honing, plating, and painting

What types of parts do you produce?

Parts machined: steering knuckles, hydraulic cylinder components, rod eyes, rod ends, yokes, spindles, axles, shafts, brake drums, wheel hubs, trunnions, housings, and many other products

What is your history?

  • Two manufacturing facilities in Illinois
  • Established in 1968 — Over 50 years of expert experience
  • Over 90 CNC machines, including automated robotic cells and twin spindle cells
  • Low to high volume — quantities from 25 pieces to 300,000+ pieces
  • Quality certified and approved for several Fortune 100 companies

Why choose Tibor Machine Products?

  • Long-term competitive pricing
  • Quality and reliability
  • Capacity
  • Service and delivery focused on exceeding customer expectations
  • Management team experienced in project resourcing and technical support
  • Global sourcing

We believe that our quality, technology and cost management strategies-combined with our experienced employees-give Tibor Machine Products the advantage in providing customers with competitive solutions.

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